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Many schools are changing from using printed books to ‘soft’ texts that can be read on laptops and tablets.  Other schools would like their students to have access to text materials both at school and at home, but they are concerned about the heavy weight of transporting books to and from school every day.

The Planet Geography e-book solves these issues.

The Planet Geography e-book contains all the text and almost all the photos that are available in the printed book in an instantly downloadable format that can be used on laptops and tablets.

The e-book can be read offline; it is downloaded to each user’s own tablet and/or laptop.

The e-book is not a pdf copy of the printed book, but a fully searchable ‘live text’ version.  The e-book does not contain the same ‘hard formatting’ of the printed version.

The Planet Geography 7th edition e-book is available from through THIS LINK, or by clicking the multi-flag button to the upper right, which is a direct link to Planet Geography on Amazon’s main international site (hosted in the US).  Alternatively, you can find Planet Geography in your local Amazon store by clicking the appropriate flag button to the right.

A preview sample of the book is available on all the Amazon websites, both for on-screen viewing and for downloading.

The cost of the e-book is USD 78.50 ($78.50 US dollars, or the equivalent in local currency).

The Planet Geography 7th edition e-book is in Kindle format, so.....

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... and finally, to read Kindle docs on a Kindle, simply download the file.  Please note that because the Planet Geography e-book makes extensive use of colour, use of a Kindle Fire with a colour screen is strongly recommended above any Kindles with a greyscale screen.

Planet Geography is a large book, and because of the size limitations of all e-books, some of the maps and diagrams in this book had to be scaled to a lower resolution than the author desired. All the maps and diagrams can therefore be accessed at a higher resolution as a free service to e-book users through a link contained in the e-book. 

For copyright reasons, the higher resolution maps and diagrams can only be accessed through the link provided at the back of each copy of the e-book.

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7th Edition e-book


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