Planet Geography

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Planet Geography 7th edition is now available.  The cost of Planet Geography 7th edition is AUD78 ($78 Australian dollars), and the reference for the book is ISBN 978 0 9803436 6 3.  The DVD (ISBN 978 0 9803436 7 0) is available at a cost of AUD 200 ($200 Australian dollars).

The Planet Geography book and DVD are distributed exclusively by Pronin International.  The book can be ordered at

To make a telephone enquiry, phone (02) 9482 1092 if you are in Australia, or +61 2 9482 1092 if you are in another country.

To make an e-mail enquiry about pre-ordering the book, write to

To download an order form for the book or DVD, click order.pdf.

The e-book is available from Amazon at a cost of USD62.60 ($62.60 US dollars).  The reference for the e-book is ASIN B00DJFPWKG.  For details of the e-books, click HERE.

To send an e-mail to the author, click HERE.